Tourmaline gets its name from a Singhalese word ‘touramalli’ which signifies “blended hued stones”. This jewel is 7 – 7.5 on the Mohs size of hardness. Tourmaline is additionally important to numerous researchers since when it is warmed, it changes its electrical charge, says kurma. It turns into an energized translucent magnet and can draw in little light articles. Before science could make sense of it, this property was seen some time in the past and tourmalines were called as “aschentrekkers” in the Netherlands since they pulled in cinders and could be utilized to clean lines.

Tourmaline is accessible in a wide assortment of varieties from dim brown, medium brown, yellow, dark to somewhat blue dark, lime to dim woods green, blue to neon blue, red and rosy purple, pink and vapid. Diverse and bi-shaded tourmalines might be pink toward one side and green at the other, watermelon tourmaline is pink within and green outwardly. A few stones are dichroic, implying that when they are seen from various points, they will show up in various varieties. Pink rubellite, green verdelite and blue indicolite are the most costly tourmalines.

Indicolite is a dim somewhat blue dark stone. The Rubellite is a profound rosy purple stone and Paraiba is a brilliant neon-blue. Chrome tourmaline is hued by chromium, it is frequently mistaken for tsavorite garnet or the emerald due to its wonderful green tone. Feline’s eye tourmaline displays “feline’s eye” impact like those what you find in tiger’s eye cabochons. Schorl is the name given to dark tourmaline (the most ordinarily tracked down tourmalines).

Many “rubies’ ‘ utilized in the Russian Crown crystals from the seventeenth Century are truth be told tourmalines. The last Empress of the Ch’ing Dynasty cherished these diamonds so much that she purchased the stones in tremendous amounts when another mine opened in California. Pretty much every shade of tourmaline can be found in Brazil, in Minas Gerais and Bahia particularly. Notwithstanding Brazil, tourmaline is likewise mined in Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mozambique, Namibia, and California and Maine in the United States. The American National Association of Jewelers took on tourmaline crystal stone as the authority birthstone for October in 1912. It is likewise the fortunate stone for the zodiac indication of Leo and the diamond picked for the eighth wedding commemoration.

Tourmaline, along with opal are both viewed as the October birthstone.